Book Club

Age Perfected Pilates, Mat Exercises Designed to Improve Posture, Strength and Movement
By: Donna Gambino PT

This spiral bound full color book is a great addition to your home exercise library. The Pilates mat program has been modified to fit any age or orthopedic problem. Now there are no excuses for not doing your Pilates mat program. Use the soft mini ball, body bolster and weighted balls to give you a challenging and supportive workout.

On a Roll @ Home, Home Exercises for Core Strength and Massage on the Foam Roller

By: Donna Gambino PT

An easy to follow home exercise program to learn foam roller exercises. ABC’s on posture and technique are given, as well as massage techniques with the roller to get rid of tight muscles. A must have if you have back pain, tight muscles, or are an athlete looking for a new challenge. Purchase on this website in the STORE.

The Power of Intention and Change your Thoughts Change your life!

By: Wayne Dyer

Both awesome books on positive thinking and life!

Dr Dyers new book Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life gives you daily homework to help you to change your life using the Tao Te Ching. I recently went to this conference and met him. A truly positive and inspirational experience.

Breathing – Master Key to Self-Healing

By: Dr. Andrew Weil

This CD takes you through many powerful breathing exercises. It is great for relaxation and for helping you increase your conscious awareness. We will be using this in class. I highly recommend it.

The Core Balance Diet

By: Marcelle Pick, MSN, OB/GYN/NP

This diet is the best diet plan out there. It is a smart plan that helps you balance all your systems and get rid of stubborn weight. You will eat REAL food. The book includes the menus and recipes as well as a wealth of information on what is going on in your body that is keeping you from losing stubborn weight. I say “alleluia” that this book was written.

Excuses Begone

By: Dr. Wayne Dyer

Learn to change lifelong thinking patterns and rid yourself of the excuses that hold you back. Learn the 7 questions to ask yourself that will help you establish a new set of beliefs.

Chakra Balancing: Body, Mind and Soul

By: Dr. Deepak Chopra

This is the CD will help balance your Chakras. You may also like THE SOUL OF HEALING MEDITATIONS to help you relax and heal, also by Deepak Chopra.