What Clients say about Classes

Kelly,  mid-30’s
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Donna, mid-50’s
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Joanne, mid-70’s
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Janet, here age Fifty-something

2 years ago I blew out my back and had surgery on my L4/L5 on the right side. I still have a bulging disc on the left. I was left with nerve damage in my right leg and foot. I have done PT for 2 years and I have tried to keep active.

A friend told me about Pilates and I have been coming for 4 weeks. After the 3rd week I began to have feeling return to my right foot and leg! I am not out of the woods yet but Pilates has helped me regain some of my old life again.

I am grateful to Donna and all her help and direction. She is very knowledgeable about my back and type of surgery. I recommend her classes to all who want to get to a healthier place. She has given me hope again!

Kris, 30 something, busy mom

“I look forward to Donna’s class every week because it’s my hour to be in control of my thoughts, breathing and body. I can concentrate on myself with no pressure from my spouse, my child or my employer and I can advanced at my own speed. We end each class with a relaxation session that I can use throughout the week when I am feeling out of control.”

Success Stories


I am a forty something, working mom that stopped taking the time for me.  I was too busy…too tired…too uninspired.  By Christmas of this year, I had run out of excuses.  I was heavy and out of shape.

In January, I decided to regain control of my body.  At “my age”, it seemed that this would be a difficult and daunting task.  However, by incorporating a low calorie, healthy diet combined with Pilates and cardio work, I saw progress immediately.

Pilates has become my weekly therapy, time to push my body, time for myself time well spent.  I realized that I must make this time for me no matter how hectic the rest of my life seems.  Donna’s classes offer a variety of days and times.  I love my Monday afternoon class!  I am able to go right from work and be home in time to cook dinner.  Soon Monday was just not enough and I was able to join the Saturday morning session.  I really love Saturday class; you work out early and still have the entire day to spend with the family.  Pilates not only has strengthened my body; it has strengthened my mind and self-confidence!

We can always find an excuse on why we can’t sign up for a class or take the time, but, as I found, excuses lead to a road of unhealthy behaviors.  Today, I am stronger, leaner and healthier than I have been in over ten years.  My core is sculpted and my butt has stopped resting on the back of my legs!  I have had to purchase a new wardrobe and receive compliments each and every day.  My family is healthier and happier because I took the time to regain control of my body, mind, and spirit!  I challenge you to do the same.






My name is Sheryl Harmon and I have been doing Pilates for about 5 years now. Prior to taking Pilates classes with Donna Gambino, I suffered with chronic severe neck pain. I had tried just about everything from physical therapy to chiropractic, ice packs, heating pads, pain magnets, ointments, etc. I am happy to report that I am now pain free as long as I continue my Pilates classes with Donna.

Donna is a great instructor, caring and concerned about each individual students health issues. She will zero in and tell you what stretches and exercises you can do at home to keep your pain at bay. The workouts are challenging and I always feel like “a million bucks” after class!

Thanks to Donna’s persistence, I am more aware of my posture and it is even starting to improve! I would highly recommend Infinity Health Pilates classes to anyone experiencing chronic neck pain, I suffered for years and am thrilled to be without pain!!


Jane, age 50. I initially joined Donna’s Pilates classes in the fall of 2007. By doing Pilates, cardio work and eating right, I quickly lost the 20 or so extra pounds I had gained and was looking lean and feeling well when I was diagnosed with advanced metastatic breast cancer in February of 2008.

Fast forward through months and months of treatment including chemotherapy, bilateral mastectomy and radiation I found myself back in Donna’s class in January of 2009 having gained 30+ pounds. Using the same method as previously, I quickly lost the weight and was back down to my pre-cancer weight by May 1, 2009. Everyone always asks how I did it and while I realize it was a combination of eating well, aerobic workouts and Pilates, I am totally convinced that the lean look I now carry is from the core workouts in Pilates.

Losing the weight and getting back into shape was only one of my goals this time around. I now live with limited range of motion in my left arm and suffer from bouts of lymphedema (swelling) from the removal of my breast and lymph nodes. Donna researched my new anomalies and was ready and waiting for me when I arrived back to class. My range of motion is far better than other cancer patients that underwent similar treatments. My physicians are amazed at how far I’ve come.

Of course, the sleek new body while not the priority is a nice plus. My surgeon, who watched my weight soar during treatment, commented that I was “officially thin”. I’m not sure I ever received an official title like that but I think I will keep it.

On July 10th, I will undergo an extensive reconstruction surgery using my latissimus dorsi muscles which just happen to be very tone thanks to Pilates. My surgeon is convinced that due to my great condition that I will have a good outcome. I will once again have to return to Donna’s class with more anomalies but I know she will be ready and waiting with not only her extensive knowledge of Pilates and technique but the added dimension of her physical therapy training.



What Clients say about Education classes

Diane Taylor PT Southwest General Hospital, Cleveland, Ohio

“The continuing education class on “Pilates for Rehabilitation” done by Donna was great. Her enthusiasm for the subject ranks at the top of the list. Course material was very well organized and her speaking style and active participation kept me, and the audience of varied disciplines ( PT, OT, athletic trainers) interested the entire day, unlike many courses. I learned information that I can apply everyday in the clinic with all types of patients”

Pam Szymanski RN, University of Michigan Hospital

“The Great Lakes Nursing Network Group had the pleasure of having Donna speak at our conference. Donna’s topic on Pilates was very interesting, informative and very well presented. She was very easy to follow. Feedback from the nurses in attendance was extremely positive. The presentation was truly one of the positive highlights of our conference”

Kris Neubar, Owner and Coach -HOT ROPES, Plymouth Michigan

“Donna – Thank you for the great stretching workshop! You went the extra mile to research the sport of jump rope and cater the workshop to my young jumpers. You did an excellent job of educating us on our bodies. Your explanations were relevant and your directions were easy to follow. I plan to incorporate the stretches into our future practices. I’m looking forward to an injury-free season of jumping!”