Meet Donna

Donna has been a licensed physical therapist since 1985 when she graduated from Wayne State University, in Detroit, Michigan.  Her passion to help people become healthier and fit has led her beyond her role as a PT specializing in  sports medicine and orthopedics, into work as a Pilates instructor, personal trainer and speaker on fitness. Donna received her Pilates certification in mat and reformer training from the Professional Health and Fitness Institute and was certified as a weight trainer by the International Weight Lifting Association.

Donna is a working wife and mother of two. She understands the value of making every minute count. She, too, has struggled to find time to devote to personal fitness.  Her fitness program consists of aerobics, weight training, Pilates, Yoga, and meditation.

She has spent a great deal of her career designing and implementing programs to meet special fitness needs.  Some of these include pregnancy and post-partum classes, youth and teens sports programs, back schools, senior fitness programs and her on-going Pilates classes. In addition, Donna spent 7 years in Cleveland specializing in cardiac rehab, training patients in life- style change and helping them to return to normal function after heart attacks, cardiac bypass and angioplasty. The underlying focus in all her programs is on developing good posture and core strength as well as cardiovascular fitness.

Her height (6 ft) has motivated her to act as a posture advocate. She strongly believes that proper alignment is key in avoiding injury and long-term pain syndromes.  She uses the FORM FOLLOWS FUNCTION mantra in all her classes and lives her motto of “saving the world from poor posture one back at a time.”

Her own business, Infinity Health, has allowed Donna to incorporate many of her different focuses for helping clients reach their health and fitness goals.  Her classes are multi-dimensional, including the body as well as the mind.  Attend one of Donna’s classes and experience a wonderful relaxation/visualization session at the end.  You will leave feeling like a new person.

DONNA’S STRONGEST BELIEF is that if you perform the correct exercises with the right mind work your body will respond by changing its presentation to the world via changes in your posture, thus allowing pain syndromes to lesson or dissipate completely. Your issues are in your tissues and through the therapeutic power of awareness you can heal yourself.

Donna has combined her experiences as a PT, student and teacher to write her first book on her foam roller program “On a Roll @ Home, Home Exercises for Core Strength and Massage on the Foam Roller” and her newest book “Age Perfected Pilates”. She has now brought the benefits of the clinic experience to you, into your own home, to make her workouts available to more than only physical therapists and their patients.

Where did the name INFINITY HEALTH come from?

One of the most asked questions I got as a physical therapist and trainer is “how long should I continue these exercises?”  I used to reply – for infinity. Thus the name infinity health came to me when looking for a business name.

in·fin·i·ty — the quality or condition of being infinite, unbounded space, time or quantity.

I believe that the body has infinite potential for movement and improvement. The infinite production of cells and the fact that our movement is continuous, even while sleeping, is so wondrous to me.  The unbounded, limitless potential of your body is one of the most miraculous gifts in this world.